Interview Preparation Part 1: How Early To Arrive For The Interview


How to prepare for an interviewWelcome to Part 1 of the  Gulpfish Interview Preparation series!  We’ll be covering a number of interview preparation tips for you during this special series.  We do hope to cover everything, but if you have a suggestion for a topic during this series, just reply in the comments.

Interview success comes to those who pay attention to some major factors not involved in the actual interview.  For instance, your preparation before the interview is beyond critical.  Being prepared for an interview will bring a look of confidence to your body language and help you feel comfortable the day of your big event.

One of the most noticeable aspects of interview preparation is how soon/late you arrive for the interview.  As someone who has conducted hundreds of interviews, I can say with confidence that the candidates that arrive just a tad early always seem more focused and prepared, which results in them normally getting the job.

How Early Should I Arrive?

To make it simple, plan to walk into the office 10 minutes before your interview time.  This will ensure that the recruiter doesn’t feel pressured to start earlier than scheduled and you’ll also look like a punctual individual.

Plan on arriving to the parking lot or location 45 minutes to 1 hour before the interview.  Use this time to read over your notes about the company, resume, and check the questions you’re planning to ask.

Can I Be Too Early?

Absolutely!  When discussing arrival times, it’s important to keep in mind that you can actually arrive way too early to the interview.  When this happens, the recruiter or interviewer feels pressured to come out early to bring you to the interview room.  It’s also quite awkward when they walk by the lobby and see the candidate sitting there waiting.

What If I’m Late To The Interview?

If for some reason you’re late, make sure you give them a heads up.  Most people know right away if they’ll be late.  Whether it’s because of traffic, a sick pet, or another reason, call your contact and explain the situation.  Let them know your estimated time of arrival and see what they’d like you to do.

Thanks for reading the Interview Preparation Series!  Please feel free to share out to your network and contact us if you have any questions about how we can help you make your next job connection!

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