Are Suits Still Necessary on an Job Interview


Are you unsure of what to wear on a job interview?Everyone wants to dress to impress on a job interview.  We have discussed a couple of times in previous blogs about the proper way to dress for an interview.  The question still arises however, if it is still necessary to wear a suit on an interview.  The world just does not seem to dress up anymore.  Gone are the day where men wore suits to church and women wore gowns and gloves to dinner parties.  The tech boom of the 1990’s seem to help this dress down effect spill over to the work place.  While you will still find some that require suit and tie everyday, specifically in the financial sector, it is becoming less and less common.   But what about the job interview itself?  Is it more acceptable now for candidates to a polo shirt and khakis?

The simple answer is no.

Remember, you want to impress the company and you know the old saying “you can’t take back a first impression”.  When the hiring committee sees you, before you even speak, the first impression will be based on what is standing in front of them.  You want that first impression to be a good one.  Wearing a suit is a sign of respect.  You respect that they are taking the time out of their day to meet with you. You respect that they liked what they saw on your resume enough to call you in for the interview.

Many people feel that wearing a suit is not really who they are and that they are projecting a false image on to the hiring committee.  There are ways to deal with this.  While you may have to play the part and wear a suit, you can still add a little bit of your personality with the tie that you choose to wear.  Make it a fun representation of who you are, but be sure that it is a tie that is appropriate for an interview.  A tie with musical notes or race cars let them know what your interests are and that you have a bit of a fun personality.  A tie with skull and crossbones is probably one that you may want to leave home in the closet.  While it may reflect a part of your personality, it may not be the part that can help you get a job.

Everyone wants to get a job based on his or her skills and true personality.  While you may not dress up in a suit everyday, it still shows that you take this interview seriously and you have respect for the company and the interviewers.  The fact is, most likely you will not have to dress like this everyday once you get the position, so go with the flow; polish your shoes, get a haircut and a shave and pick out a nice suit to wear.  Oh and don’t forget the New York Yankees tie!!

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