Great American Donut Inc.


The Largest CT Dunkin' Donuts FranchiseHow would you like a job at Dunkin’ Donuts? Well have we got news for you! Gulpfish is proud to be working with Great American Donut Inc. They are the largest Dunkin’ Donuts franchise in Connecticut. A company with a proven track record, Great American Donut is a company that prides itself on the level of customer service that they offer at their locations. Dunkin’ Donuts are known not only for their coffee and donuts, but also for their customer service and you will get all you expect at Great American Donuts locations. They feel the same about those who work for them. They provide outstanding work environments for all of their employees. Being good to your employees is just as important as being good to your customers. It trickles down and this is just what happens at Great American Donut.

Keeping in line of what Dunkin’ Donuts does, the Great American Donut keeps alive the core values of the company. They go above and beyond to provide the best customer service, always committed to doing the right thing and take responsibility for their actions.

When you work at one of their location you will find employees who are passionate about what they do, friendly, eager to learn and action oriented. The company takes the time to train their employees so that every customer will have the best experience possible when they enter on of their establishments.

Great American Donut and Gulpfish work hand in hand to place people working environment that not only will help with financial security, but also provide you an opportunity to learn and better yourself.

They offer a successful management career path where opportunity is based on ability and commitment. They look for managers who are committed to building a successful career. As with the company itself, they want someone who will enjoy their job and want to build on it.

They also offer hourly opportunities. The first step is working on the front line with customers. They offer both full time and part time opportunities such as Assistant Manager, Shift Supervisors and Crew Members.

With 50+ locations all over Connecticut, from Andover to West Hartford, you will have your choice of location to apply to. Head on over to Gulpfish now and apply to become a part of this “great” company!

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