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We know that when you are looking for a job you can never get enough help. That has always been our mission here at Gulpfish. We do all that we can to help you find not only employment, but also employment at a place that you will enjoy. We do it through our posts, network, and blogs. It truly satisfies us when we hear the success stories that people have sent to us regarding how Gulpfish has either helped lead them to a new position, or gave them advice the lead to them getting a new job. Please keep the comments coming in on both Facebook and Twitter. It lets us know if we are doing something right, or if we need to tweak a few things to make them better. Let’s continue today with what we do best and that is giving some tips on how to get a job.

Network in person. Shy? Don’t be defeated by networking. Set goals for yourself at networking events, and your skills will improve with time. Fortunately for you, being a good listener is an asset in networking, so make your introverted personality your advantage. (US News)

Always have an up-to-date resume ready to send – even if you are not currently looking for work. You never know when an opportunity that is too good to pass up might come along. If you’re not on LinkedIn yet, create a LinkedIn Profile and start making connections that can help you job search.

Write a blog to show off what you are best at. If you are looking for a job in Communications, this is a perfect way to show your potential employers what you are capable of. Try to do a blog at least twice a week and come up with various subjects within your industry. Research them and then get to it. Online blog sites are easy to find. Sign up and start blogging today. This is one of the best ways to show your talent. It becomes an online portfolio.

Do your research on the companies that you are applying to. Be sure to investigate a company before sending in your résumé, and never give your bank account or Social Security number by e-mail to someone who says they’re going to offer you a job. If you have doubts, the Federal Trade Commission suggests checking with your local consumer protection agency, state Attorney General’s office or the Better Business Bureau to see if any complaints have been filed against the company.

Finding a job is not an easy thing to do. It will take hard work to find a position that is open and that you are qualified for. They are out there; you just need to look hard for them. Get family and friends involved. These people will also be there to prop you up when you start to get discouraged. Everyone going through a job search gets down from time to time. It’s normal. Having family and friends helping you on this journey is a great way to keep you from not giving up.

One very important last thing to remember is this: Don’t accept a job just because someone offered it to you. Find out all that this job entails. Ask what is it that you will have to do once you start the position and be sure that it is something that you want to do and will enjoy.

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