Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder House


Who wouldn’t want to get a job at Iggy’s? The restaurant has great food, it is in a great location, and at Iggy’s, it is summer all year long!

Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder house is one of Rhode Island’s famous landmarks as well as the oldest beach stand in RI. It was built in 1924. The building has survived two major hurricanes and was standing on its original structure until it was renovated in 2008. The beach stand was originally called Gus’s. Gaetano Gravino worked at Gus’s and in 1989 he purchased the beach stand. When the Gravino family decided to open up the business they had to think of a clever name. They always used to refer to Gaetano as Ig because is license plate was IG-***. David said how about Iggy’s? and Iggy’s it was!

Over the years the business kept growing. They started out in 1989 with a menu consisting of doughboys, Clamcakes, and chowder. Presently they have over 50 menu items such as; seafood dinners, sandwiches, burgers, appetizers, salads, ice cream, specialty sodas, and much more.

Iggy’s customers are not only the locals that come down regularly, but they also consist of individuals from all over. Many of Iggy’s most loyal customers are the ones that have moved out of state. When they come back to visit they make sure they get a taste of Rhode Island’s best!

The original Iggy’s Doughboys and Chowder house is located in Oakland Beach RI. The view of Narragansett Bay overlooking both Jamestown and Newport bridges is absolutely magnificent. It is the perfect spot to relax on the beach and have some lunch, to sit on the patio or in the dining room and watch the sunset, or even just for a snack.

In 2000, another location was established in Narragansett RI. It is located just minutes from Scarborough Beach. It is a little smaller, but it still has and inside dining room as well as beautiful picnic area. The menu is the same in both locations.

In 2008 a brand new state of the art facility was opened at their Warwick location. They now have a larger and a much more efficient kitchen to make your experience more enjoyable by moving the lines quicker and keeping a great quality product.
At Iggy’s it is clear that they love what they do. Many of the management team has been with them for more than 10 years. They strive to provide a consistent good quality product, in a positive atmosphere. Because of this they have had several write-ups in popular newspapers and magazines such as the providence Journal, the Warwick Beacon, and Rhode Island monthly. Recently Iggy’s was featured on the CBS early show for best chowder in “A Taste of America”. In the summer of 1994 the show Unsolved Mysteries filmed an episode there. The employees were all extras in the film.
Oakland Beach is known for it many family traditions. Their customers who began going there as children, now bring their own children to Iggy’s for some of their delicious doughboys. One of the most famous traditions is the fireworks display during Fourth of July celebrations. Be sure to visit, bring the family, and watch this amazing display.

Gulpfish is proud to have Iggy’s as part of our family. Iggy’s, where it’s always summer!

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