Last Minute Tips Before a Job Interview


Getting a job interview if very exciting.  It shows that all of your hard work has paid off.  You have been sending out your resumes and trying to network and do everything that you are supposed to do and it took forever, but you finally got the call you have been waiting for, the request for an interview.  This is a time of nervous excitement for you and you may forget a few things that need to be done before you arrive at the company for the interview.  We have discussed being prepared for an interview in previous blogs, but thought we’d pass on some tips to you that you may not think of before you have your meeting.

The first thing you want to remember is to relax and try to concentrate on the task ahead.  It is very easy to get caught up in the moment and start to daydream about having the job before you even get it. This is normal though. Everyone looking for a position wants it so bad, so when you get the call, it will send your imagination into overdrive and you will start to think about your new salary and your new office before you even have the interview.  Just focus on the interview preparation first, and if that goes well, then you are allowed a little daydream time.

You want to focus on whom you are meeting with and where you are meeting.  Knowing the name of the individual you are interviewing with is important to make a good impression. Have the phone number and email of your main contact, as well as a general phone number for the company within easy reach in case you need it. The address of the interview location and directions on how to get there should also be in your possession. Remember to leave early to give yourself lots of time.  You never know what type of traffic you will encounter if it is in an area that you do not usually travel, so be prepared.

This next tip is something that some of you may not think about, but it really is an important one.  If you are a smoker, try not to smoke before the job interview so you won’t go into the interview smelling like a BINGO Hall. The smell might fill the room and “speed up” your interview because the interviewer might be a non-smoker and can’t wait to get you out of the room. Leave your cigarettes in the car. If you have these items in your pocket or purse and while taking something out of your pocket or purse these items can fall out. This also goes for perfume.  Excessive perfume, aftershave, lotion, or bodywash should not be worn to a job interview. You don’t want your interviewer to begin sneezing, and your potential co-workers could be affected by the excessive smell, too. Excessive perfume, aftershave, lotion, or bodywash is not good if you are interviewing for a position in a food manufacturing facility or other food establishment where food can be affected by the overwhelming smell of such items as well as absorb the scent of such items.

Finally, get a good night’s sleep the night before your interview.  You’ve done it all. You’ve prepared yourself; you’ve built your confidence so you can look the interviewer straight in the eye. You are ready to rock ‘n’ roll! Okay, too psyched. You’ll never get to sleep. The night before the interview, go to bed early. Have some warm milk, coco or herbal tea. Relax. Set the alarm and sleep comfortably in the knowledge that you’re as prepared as you’ll ever be. No, not every interview will be a success. You won’t get the job every time – but don’t take it personally. It’s not about you; it’s about the needs of the company. However, you can increase the chances of success by presenting a professional, prepared, and confident you to the interviewer. That’s how you turn an interview into a job offer.

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