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Interviewing for a job has changed much over the past few years. While the traditional job interviews are still in the majority, many are taking on other forms rather than the “in office/conference room” type of interview. Candidates are now being interviewed in restaurants, coffee shops, on breaks during industry conferences, and most recently online. With the invention of webcams, the job interview took on a whole new life.

Companies use cam technology such as Skype or Face Time to conduct these interviews. This type of interview allows companies to interview clients that may be in different states or countries without needed to fly them in first. It saves companies both time and money. Think of all of the resources that a company would have to use to fly someone in, only to realize that they really were not a good fit for the position. Online interviewing solves this problem. Where, on a phone interview, the employer will only get to hear the voice, on a Cam interview, they can actually see the person and see the emotion in their answers rather than just hearing them.

Preparing for an online interview can be very odd indeed. While you may feel that it is a bit more relaxed, it really isn’t. You still need to be aware of the same things that you would need to focus on had you been in the same room. Some things that you want to think of when preparing for an online interview are these:

Dress properly. Even though you are on a video cam, they will still see you and you should be dressed as if you were sitting live in front of them. This does not mean that you can wear a suit and tie with pajama bottoms. For some reason, you may need to get up to retrieve something. The last thing you want them to see are your Sponge Bob pajama bottoms.

Be aware of your environment. In other words, be sure that you are being interviewed in a clean neat room. They will see the background and you want it to be organized and tidy. They shouldn’t be able to see dirty clothes on the floor or dishes in the sink. Also check the lighting. It may be a good idea to do a test Cam Chat with a friend to be sure that you are not washed out or looking too dark.

Test your equipment. Again, during your test chat you want to be sure that your audio level is adequate and that there is no static on the line. One thing that you want to remember is that when you speak online, you may not be allowed to give long winded answers. The technology on some cams will cut you out or not pick up all of your sentences. Be sure to be short and to the point when answering questions.

While you are on the interview, be sure to look at the camera and not yourself on the monitor. You want to give the interviewer the perception of eye to eye contact to the best of your ability. It’s very easy to forget this and focus on how you look. At this point, do not worry about that. STARE AT THE CAMERA!

Finally, as in person, relax, speak slowly and don’t forget to smile. This is a new world. Everyone needs to try it out and get used to it. Keep your nerves in check and make like George Jetson and rock that interview!

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